Carefree Highway recycling center nearly complete

By Curtis Riggs | July 1, 2009

Fully open toward end of August
DESERT FOOTHILLS – Locals wanting to recycle will find it much easier toward the end of August when the Cave Creek Waste Disposal & Recycling Center is fully open at the old Cave Creek Landfill site on the Carefree Highway.

recyclingWhile recyclables and trash are now being accepted at the facility, Maricopa County Solid Waste Director Bill Thorton is expecting the $1.2 million, fully automated center to be completely operational by the end of next month.

“They are about to finish the wall. Once that is finished they will move the big bins into place,” he said.

The waste/recycling center will be open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

“It’s been very active,” Cave Creek Town Councilman Dick Esser said. Locals have been using the center this summer even though it was not fully open.

Esser, who was most recently in charge of recycling in Cave Creek, expects the nearby center to be the “most successful recycling installation in Maricopa County.”

Thorton said area residents recycle more than residents in other parts of Maricopa County, which is why the local center is so important to the County.

“It’s convenient to use and easy to get in and out of,” he said.

Coady stated that having the County center open so nearby is what both Desert Foothills communities have been striving for since he started the recycling program in Carefree in 2003.

“Recycling is very expensive for all towns. Maricopa County building the center is a blessing,” he said.

Esser agrees with Coady about the cost of recycling. He saw how expensive it is in the East on a recent trip to Vermont.

“It’s incredible what they charge in the East to dispose of something so they have a problem with people dumping things in the woods,” he said.

He adds it is a “piece of cake” to use the new facility.

“It’ll be convenient to all of Maricopa County,” he said.

Household recyclables such as aluminum, cardboard, newspapers and plastics will be accepted at the new center for free. Limited household hazardous waste like Antifreeze, car and household batteries, electronics, up to five gallons of oil, up to five gallons of paint and used tires (up to four) will also be accepted for free.

Trash, appliances (without Freon), furniture and yard waste will accepted for a fee.
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