Carefree resident Ray Paul supports Koteas, Traynor on May 19

By Curtis Riggs | May 6, 2009

Homemade campaign stickers adorn truck

Ray PaulCAREFREE – Ten-year Carefree resident Ray Paul leaves little doubt about who he is supporting in the May 19 town council general election.

“I believe those two guys will be the best for the Town of Carefree,” Paul said. “They are honest and have a great deal of integrity. People can talk to and relate to both of them.”
Koteas and Traynor are vying for four open council seats along with council incumbents Bob Gemmill, David Schwan, challenger Susan Vanik and write-in candidate Jim Peirce on May 19.

Paul was talking about adding a sign supporting Peirce on his pick-up at Saturday’s Rural Metro pancake breakfast, but he didn’t know where to put it.

Prop 404, a ballot measure, which calls for Carefree voters to directly elect their own mayor will also be on the May 19 ballot.

Carefree has had all mail-in elections since 1997. Ballots were to be mailed to 2,693 registered voters on Monday.