Shadegg signs pledge for Pickens Plan

By Curtis Riggs | April 22, 2009

Alternative energy measure picking up steam

DESERT FOOTHILLS – Congressman John Shadegg talkedabout reducing relianceon foreign oil last week when he pledged to support the T. Boone Pickens Plan, an energy measure promoting the use of solar and wind power while increasing the use of natural gas available in the United States.

John Shadegg“For me as a Republican the No. 1 issue is ending the dependence on foreign oil,” the seven-term Arizona congressman said after signing the Pickens Pledge at the Desert Broom Library. “We should especially not rely on our enemies and Hugo Chavez is no friend.”

Ending dependence on foreign oil was given as the main reason by the crowd of 40 for their support of the Pickens Plan, now being considered by the Obama administration in its effort to revamp the national energy policy.

Shadegg will have a say in what direction the energy policy takes through his membership on the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee. Shadegg expects some kind of “cap and trade” measure to be approved between now and Congress’ August recess.

A “cap and trade” policy caps the amount of carbon which can be emitted into the atmosphere by energy producers. Energy producers are then required to pay the federal government for the right to emit carbon beyond the federally mandated cap.

The alternative energy debate in Congress often comes down to deciding what alternative energy is, said Shadegg, who is a supporter of implementing more hydropower.

Shadegg was convinced to sign a pledge to support the Pickens Plan by 1,462 citizens in his local District 3 who also pledged to support it.

“I’m happy to join,” he said during the signing. “They can hold us hostage with energy overseas. Congress needs to pass an energy plan.”

Dani Lanz, the regional leader for the Pickens Plan who was at last week’s signing, cited the 4.5 million people who signed support of the plan on a recent virtual march said the plan is being, “very, very well received in Arizona.”

Photo: District 3 Congressman John Shadegg signed a pledge to support the Pickens Plan energy measure at the Desert Broom Library last week.
Photo by Curtis Riggs