RisingSun Kids keep on rolling

By Howard Gossack | April 15, 2009

The children are rising up in Cave Creek

CAVE CREEK – Children from RisingSun Montessori Day School are getting ready for one more community action event as they close out their school year.

RisingSun families will be participating in a Roadside Clean Up of Cave Creek Road right through the core section of town on Friday, April 24. This is the final community service event for the children this year.

“We feel it’s necessary to have the children learn the importance of community service not just by learning about it in the classroom but by going out into the town,” said Head of School, Mara Fishman Gossack.

Families of over 25 preschoolers and kindergarteners will perform the Roadside Clean Up while the children will be working on the environment at school. The crew of parents and older siblings will be collecting trash to beautify the one-mile stretch of road from Rancho Mañana Golf Course through town to School House Road.

“This has been a great year for our kids. They have really become a part of the Cave Creek community,” said Fishman Gossack.

Courtesy Photo:
The RisingSun Community on the way to a field trip at the Cave Creek Museum