Cave Creek Tea Party

3 p.m., April 19 at Harold’s

Day of Tea Party
Tea Party Rally attendees are encouraged to prepare and bring their own signs to the Cave Creek Tea Party Rally on April 19. The theme of the protest we want to stress is for our elected officials to stop the wasteful spending, stop the bailouts, no more stimulus packages, and no more taxes, of any kind. In addition to signs, rally goers can bring tea bags (used or new) and symbolically “dump them overboard”. Lastly, Tea Partiers are encouraged to bring their American flag, large or small, to show their loyalty and love for our great nation.

Why Tea Parties?
A national grassroots collaborative effort that gives Americans a chance to protest the irresponsible and out of control government spending, and to voice their disapproval of the liberal agenda of the White House and Congress.

Our country is moving quickly in the wrong direction and we must stand up NOW to preserve our American ideals, our Freedom and Liberty. That is truly what is at stake.
Tea Parties are being organized all across the nation, in major cities and small towns, to protest the continued waste of our hard-earned tax dollars on bailouts, giveaways, and political earmarks. Our country faces a grave danger. Our elected officials in Washington are leading us down an unwise path.

The liberals have had the soapbox for far too long while so many conservatives have been complacent, apathetic, and too quiet. Our voice of opposition must be raised to counteract the predominant voice of the extreme left that we are fed by the mainstream media. By standing up, we will encourage and energize other conservatives who have remained quiet. The conservative voice must be raised and we must speak loudly enough to be heard in Washington, D.C.

We expect the government to act responsibly and to do as American families must do when money is tight. We cut back, find ways to reduce expenses, stop charging and running up our debt. That’s what our government should be doing.

We expect the federal government to stop the earmarks and pork-barrel spending, stop the Cap and Trade, which is a complete sham that will further harm the economy and raise the cost of virtually everything produced in America, and don’t raise taxes, but encourage investment and hiring.

In addition, if our elected officials, state and federal, want to reduce costs, then how about admitting what it is costing each taxpayer for housing, education, and health care of immigrants who have entered this country illegally, not to mention the millions of jobs Americans are denied, or the billions of dollars that are sent to Mexico and leave our own economy. It’s unjustifiable and must stop; and can.

People in hundreds of cities and towns across the country are joining together to protest the obscene bailouts, wasteful spending, earmarks, and “porky little projects” that our government is passing through with little deliberation and no accountability or transparency. And, promising more to come. This spending is putting our nation into staggering debt and creating a crippling bill that our children and grandchildren will be forced to pay.

It’s time for all who care about the direction of our country to stand up for the future of America and let our voices be clearly heard - Silent Majority No More!