Phoenix Taxpayer Tea Party

Senate Lawn, Arizona State Capitol building
5 – 7:45 p.m. on April 15
Hosted by American Political, Americans for Prosperity, and the

PHOENIX – Americans of all political affiliations are getting very tired of the irresponsible behavior of our government’s economic policies and the massive government spending spree using the taxpayer’s dollar. While the government continues to bail out irresponsible banks, car makers and insurance companies, they have pushed productive, hard working Americans to the brink of financial ruin and have nearly ignited another revolution. With the rise of a new American Tea Party movement, we're witnessing citizens across the country beginning to protest against government's runaway spending and huge government programs disguised within the various "economic stimulus” plans. While the Obama administration works on its socialistic plans to redistribute the wealth around, hard working Americans are either working more for less money, or they are out of a job. The stock market continues to be uncertain and wary of Obama’s policies, yet no one seems to take it seriously. The government continues to spend hand over fist, taking a bigger and bigger slice of tax payer money and our children’s and grandchildren’s future earnings.

Americans are starting to understand that these huge special interest projects and programs create severe economic burdens on American families which threaten their livelihood now and into the future.

The new Administration's budget for next year alone calls for a $1.7 TRILLION deficit, more than triple of any past federal deficit. Let there be no mistake, all of this astronomical spending and the future federal deficit will be accompanied by the largest tax increase in American history.

The time has come for Americans to stand up, take responsibility for their own future and to be heard. We can no longer expect our non-representative representatives to do what’s best for us. We are simply asking that every taxpaying American citizen join the movement to make our collective voices be heard. Help us make this rally the nation's largest tea party protest on Wednesday, April 15.

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