Tatum Ranch man charged with felony assault

By Linda Bentley | March 18, 2009

Joshua Brett ParsonsPHOENIX – Tatum Ranch resident Joshua Brett Parsons (left), 28, was taken into custody at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday by Phoenix police and charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in violation of an order of protection.

In October 2003, Parsons pled guilty to aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a class 4 felony; theft of a means of transportation, a class 3 felony; and possession or use of dangerous drugs, a class 6 felony.

Parsons was sentenced to a term of one year imprisonment with the Arizona Department of Corrections, of which he was given presentence incarceration credit of 120 days; three years probation upon his physical release from prison; his driver license revoked for three years; 360 hours of community service along with fines, fees and a requirement he attend a substance abuse program.

Parsons was released in April 2004 after serving six months and was ordered discharged from probation in April 2007.

In June 2008, Parsons applied to have his judgment set aside and his civil rights and gun rights restored. His request was denied.

In November 2004 the court established Parsons was the father of Aliceson Fussell’s child and the Department of Economic Security set a date for a hearing in February to determine child support payments and the court referred the case to Conciliation Services for mediation of child custody and parenting time.

Sometime after November 2004, Fussell and Parsons apparently got married, as Aliceson Parsons was filing for divorce in January 2007.

She had already filed for sole custody and an order of protection in November 2006. However, the order of protection was dismissed in January 2007 because Parsons was never served.

She petitioned again in December 2008, and an order of protection was finally granted on Jan. 12, 2009, although Parsons contested the order.

A hearing was held on Jan. 30 before Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Gerald Porter, who affirmed the order of protection, ordering it “in full force and effect.”

The court further found that “Brady” applied and issued a notice to the sheriff of “Brady Disqualification,” which prohibits the defendant from purchasing or possessing a firearm or ammunition while the order is in effect, due to a threat to the physical safety of an intimate partner or child.

Parsons is being held in lieu of $9,000 bond.