Who’s in, who’s out and who’s still in the running

By Linda Bentley | March 18, 2009

Four candidates in May runoff for remaining two council seats
CAVE CREEK – With a total of 1,200 votes cast, the final official results of March 10 Primary Election, reseated Mayor Vincent Francia with 880 votes or 73 percent of all ballots cast.

Although there were no qualified write-in candidates running in the election, 39 votes were cast with another name written in for mayor with four votes cast with names other than those printed on the ballot for council.

After the final count, Councilman Ernie Bunch was reseated with 701 votes (58.4 percent), the highest number of votes received by any council candidate.

In order to be elected in the primary, candidates needed to receive more than 600 votes, a minimum of 50 percent plus one vote.

Those receiving over 600 votes and considered officially elected/reelected include Ralph Mozilo (657), Steve LaMar (645) and Councilman Dick Esser (626).

The May 19 General Election will be a runoff between Adam Trenk (598), Councilman Thomas McGuire (595), Jim Bruce (589) and Councilwoman Kim Brennan (479). (Note: Please see Breaking News story for update.)

Adam TrenkCouncilwoman Grace Meeth (416) has now officially lost her bid at reelection along with challengers Reg Monachino (371) and Shea Stanfield (313).

With a reported $5,496 in campaign contributions, Adam Trenk, 26, sets the record in Cave Creek for being the youngest council candidate and for having the largest campaign budget.

Adam Trenk