Vol. 15 Issue No. 5 | February 4 – February 10, 2009

Obama and his supporters called ‘international con men’

By Linda Bentley | February 4, 2009

‘Obama embodies grand failure of great hopes’

MOSCOW – Pravda On-Line (Pravda.Ru) is celebrating its 10th anniversary as the first Russian Internet newspaper that also takes very strong positions among the world’s news sources.

While acknowledging its achievements, Vadim Gorshenin, chairman of Pravda On-Line Board of Directors, stated, “We were the first to launch the online Internet newspaper in English which became very popular and still enjoys immense popularity. English.Pravda.Ru is not the English version of the Russian Pravda.Ru. It is a separate online project which works under the same brand.”

A Jan. 19 English.Pravda.Ru opinion column titled “Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama vs World Leaders” (http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/19-01-2009/106972-Barry_Soetoro-0), by Mark S. McGrew, began, “I know that world leaders are fully accustomed to conducting business with all manner of criminals, terrorists, dictators and other illegitimate ‘leaders’ of Nations,” although he stated, “Obama may be different,” since no one truly knows who he is.

While America is said repeatedly to be a nation of laws, McGrew states, “It is not. It is a nation under the control of mob rule. When the American public understands that, America will be a nation of anarchy.”

Noting Obama has not only refused to prove he is eligible to become President of the United States, McGrew said, “He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prohibit anyone from discovering his true identity or his history.”

And, because McGrew believes Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States, he says any agreements Obama makes are subject to change or removal by current or future administrations, far into the future.

He adds, due to Obama’s illegitimacy of office, any and all agreements he makes gives foreign powers reason to deny, rescind or renege on them.

McGrew points out any orders Obama gives to the American military are subject to refusal, as are orders given to America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff of the military, while security and abilities of NATO are being compromised along with agreements and treaties around the world.

“The only power Obama will have is that which is illegally permitted by a corrupt government,” said McGrew.

During the joint session of Congress on Jan. 8, in which the electoral votes for president and vice president were counted, President of the Senate Dick Cheney never called for objections, as required by 3 USC Sec. 15.

McGrew mentions there are over a dozen lawsuits asking for proof that Obama is eligible to become president and states, “By Congress illegally certifying an ineligible person for President they have violated their oath to defend the American Constit-ution. They have proven that the highest oath they can promise … means nothing to them. Their word, their promises, their oaths, their agreements and the existence of their lives are totally worthless to an honest society.”

McGrew asks, “Where can trust be found amongst a group of people who do not respect and obey their own laws and rules?”

While accepting the fact that government functions can include doing business with criminal organizations, McGrew cautioned, “But, many world leaders have been embarrassed or removed for consorting with a liar,” and asked, “What nation would be naïve enough to think their agreements with America would be honored?”

McGrew says international gangster operations succeed because the members have some degree of trust, whereas trust is an unknown and non-existent factor for Obama.

Calling Obama and his supporters “international con men,” McGrew states, “They have much money and power, but they are stupid and most likely insane. History has proven this to be a very dangerous combination.”

On Jan. 22, English.Pravda.ru published an article by Mikhail Leontiev titled “Obama embodies grand failure of great hopes,” in which he likens Obama’s accession to power to a Hollywood movie about America’s future, “where the U.S. President is often portrayed as a black intellectual, who is greatly concerned about saving America from an imminent catastrophe.”

While Leontiev notes, “Obama appeared as the voice of many changes and the embodiment of changes during the elections,” he also recognizes Obama has brought only a slightly renewed team of Bill Clinton to power.

Leontiev concluded, “Obama will have an opportunity to ruin the relations with Russia.”

In a Jan. 23 article, Vladimir Anokhin stated, “The entire history of the U.S.–Russian relations can be described as a series of smiles, pompous statements, displays of friendship and tough confrontation.”

According to Anokhin, the current rift between the two countries began during George H. Bush’s presidency and developed further under Clinton’s rule. Relations reached their lowest point under the George W. Bush.

He said, “The USA believed that it was allowed to do anything, and no other country could curb its foreign policy.”

Obama is scheduled to meet with his recently elected Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, in April in an attempt to improve those relations.