Vol. 15 Issue No. 5 | February 4 – February 10, 2009

Town Council Election Coverage

Position statements from 22 candidates

In order to provide you with an introduction to all of the candidates for town council before you question them in person at Sonoran News’ Council Candidate Forums, we have devoted space for council candidates from both Cave Creek and Carefree to express and explain their positions on important issues this week.

Candidates were invited to respond to a questionnaire provided by Sonoran News. In addition to basic information such as occupation and experience, six questions were asked. The following statement was included in the instructions for completion and return of the document for publication:

“In order to ensure publication of your submission without editing, please keep your answers to the last 6 questions to a total of 325 words. If your document is too long we will edit for length, but prefer people read your original writing.”

Most of the responses were within the requested word count. We appreciate adherence to our request for two reasons: we have a finite space and our objective is fairness to all candidates.

Since editing was necessary for the responses that were too long, it is important you know which ones they are. Knowing the number of words in the original submissions over 500 words is indicative of the extent of the editing.

Susan Vanik 514
Doug Stavoe 629

Cave Creek:
Shea Stanfield 1025

To allow as much space for the candidates as possible, the questions have been removed from their responses. The questions, although similar in a couple of instances, are printed below exactly as they were posed in the questionnaires.

Cave Creek questions:
1. Why should voters elect/reelect you?
2. What are the top three problems facing Cave Creek over the next decade and what solutions do you propose?
3. People call Cave Creek a “can-do” town. How do you believe it can best weather the current economic downturn?
4. What do you believe is the most important component to keeping Cave Creek,
Cave Creek?
5. What business model would you suggest the town employ to expand its revenue sources?
6. If Wal-Mart decides to locate a store in Cave Creek would you be for or against it? Why?

Carefree questions:
1. Why should voters support you?
2. What are the top three problems facing Carefree over the next decade and what solutions do you propose?
3. What is your position on direct election of the mayor? Why?
4. Do you support 2 or 4 year council terms? Why?
5. What specifically will you recommend to ensure Carefree is able to compete and survive with declining sales tax revenue and development fees?
6. What are your priorities for maintaining the quality of our lifestyle and enjoyment of our night skies?

Cave Creek Candidates

Carefree Candidates