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By Don Sorchych | January 7, 2009

Don SorchychReferendums and choices

Thoughts about upcoming elections in Cave Creek and Carefree include a number of obvious issues.

In Cave Creek, candidates cover the bases, from good to hell no. Our soon to be announced forum is one way to separate the sheep from the goats.

Although we cherish our choice of town leaders we are faced with “activists” who love to throw sand in the gears of progress.

Already they are salivating over the referendums allowed under our ordinances. I believe in referendums and initiatives, but they can be mischievous.

Our current state legislature is struggling with a budget the minority of which was established by initiatives. I believe in representative government. Vote them in and if they fail to keep their word vote them out. In the meanwhile they should be setting the budget.

Cave Creek has a few projects stymied by council’s fear of the future and perhaps by threats from a non-resident “activist” and her fellow travelers.

We really should replace “activist” with “anarchist” which is much closer to the truth.
I believe in referendums. I filed one to overturn the dust control ordinance, but it was held to be administrative. The county still accepts complaints but keeps the name of the complainants secret.

How much communism do we need?

Anyway, I currently see no reason why referendums should be filed against the few businesses trying to establish here.

For those who believe a drive through at Parkway Bank will invite all the fast food joints in the world to establish here I say, “Get a life.” First of all, I believe what our town attorney says: No one transaction is a precedent for others.

But fear is spread, nonetheless, by Councilwoman Grace Meeth and her anarchist friends.
Let’s say for the sake of argument a Parkway drive through is a precedent. Will the golden arches and their ilk establish here?

They won’t simply because of lack of appropriate demographics. There have been at least three major efforts to get Trader Joe’s here. If Trader Joe’s was put to a vote, 90 percent would say bring them here.

They won’t come because we don’t have the demographics, period.

Then why not invite fast food enterprises whether they would come or not? Councilwoman Kim Brennan, in her haste to be reelected, wants local business people to organize against that possibility.

Here is my vote: Bring them on!

Although I have a very specific diet, on occasion an Egg McMuffin is a great breakfast.

Also, if we are in the area for any reason, either Shari Jo or I will stop at el Pollo Loco (5th and Bell) and get a take out. We would be delighted if el Pollo Loco established here, with a drive through.

Let’s remember this about drive throughs. It is a huge convenience for the handicapped, for those with children or animals and anyone in a hurry. Why should anarchists be allowed to take away convenience and safety?

I believe if anarchists refer drive throughs they will lose and their only contribution will be delay and increased cost to local government. It is especially hard to take when the leader lives elsewhere and relies on some Cave Creek dirt bag to carry her mail.

Reminder to the Scottsdale Republic: ANNA MARSOLO DOES NOT LIVE IN CAVE CREEK!

An anarchist asked the town of Cave Creek whether special use permits (SUPs) could be referred. Given an affirmative reply, this individual was joyful.

Looming is the body shop attempting to locate in Spur Cross Station. Although allowed by commercial zoning, an SUP is required.

Does the town need the revenue? Yes.

Does the entrepreneur have a right to practice his trade? Yes.

Is it an asset to the town? Yes.

Do the neighbors have a right to complain and whine they’d rather have a restaurant and file a referendum?

Yes to all of the above. The only real avenue is a referendum and, although they surely will get help from the anarchists, they will lose because this is a fair-minded and practical town.
Times have changed. The future is unpredic-table. The economy is still trying to find a bottom, but recovery is uncertain.

Cave Creek can still be unique but it needn’t be stupid.

The enormity of Cave Creek’s absolutely splendid annexation and the many benefits it will bring seems not to have sunk in.

Credit has to be given in this matter to Town Manager Usama Abujbarah, Mayor Vincent Francia, town staff, especially Ian Cordwell, and town council.

In spite of a couple of screw-ups how can anyone condemn this team? Grace? Anna?

It is my hope that the town at large, in its next referendum opportunity, blitzes the referrers as a message to say, “We have a representative government, let them work.”

This brings up the question of Carefree and its opportunities. Mayor Fulcher, and I suppose everybody but Councilman Bob Coady, want four year staggered terms. You’ll have a chance to ask them at our candidate forum.

Four year terms are endearing to incumbents and, somewhere in the dark of night, council reached an agreement to support the effort.

As I have said before, if two years is OK for congressmen, it is OK for Carefree councilmen.

Candidates spend virtually nothing so why not give the public an easy way to remedy bad votes? Fulcher speaks of the drain on their time to run every two years – Puhleeze! This is about staying in office and nothing else.

The time has come to vote for a mayor in Carefree, whether or not they migrate to a town manager form of government. Despite Marsolo’s attempt to link the two, there is no current effort to go to a town manager form of government.

Having said that, it would probably be an appropriate change for Carefree. Their past mayors have been way too political, especially since they are CEOs too.