Vol. 15 Issue No. 1 | January 7 – 13, 2009

Murder-suicide results in Tuesday morning school lockdown

By Curtis Riggs | January 7, 2009

Woman found dead outside, man found dead inside

MARICOPA COUNTY – Two people were killed in an early-morning shooting Tuesday, which caused a lockdown at Cactus Shadows High School, Desert Arroyo Middle School, Lone Mountain Elementary School and Black Mountain Elementary School for an hour while Sheriff’s officers searched for the shooter.


Bunch donates $1200 to purchase first three acres

By Linda Bentley | January 7, 2009

‘The town cannot afford to subsidize the system. It needs to pay for itself’

CAVE CREEK – After wishing everyone a happy New Year at the beginning of Monday night’s council meeting, Mayor Vincent Francia announced Councilman Ernie Bunch had given the town a check for $1,200 toward the purchase of the 4,012 acres of state land to be preserved as open space, paying for three acres, based on its appraised value of $400 per acre.


Dog’s death brings attention to danger of uncovered holes

By Curtis Riggs | January 7, 2009

‘Gray Dog’ falls into uncovered perc-test hole

DESERT HILLS – An incident involving a long-time family pet, which took place over the holidays, calls attention to how normal activities can turn tragic when holes and trenches are left uncovered.


Baby javelinas spotted in local herd

January 7, 2009

These baby javelinas were seen at Cow Track Estates on Jan. 7. Although most births occur in May, June or July javelinas can breed any month of the year. You may see as many as five in a litter, but twins are most common. Babies, only about one pound at birth, can walk and follow the herd after just one day.

Courtesy Photo Debbie Wainwright