Proposition 105 – Majority Rule – Let the People Decide

Proposition 105 – Majority Rule – Let the People Decide would require a majority vote of those registered to vote in order to pass tax increases or spending mandates. In other words, instead of requiring a majority vote of those who voted, it would require a majority of votes of registered voters.

This is a proposition, which, instead of encouraging people to vote, encourages people who do not want higher taxes to stay home. Just the mere fact a person is registered counts them as a no.

This would eliminate the imposition of taxes when there is less than a 50+ percent turnout.
There are folks on both sides of aisle who favor this ballot measure, not necessarily because they think it’s fair or just. It actually gives a voice to people who have recently moved, died or committed a felony and haven’t been taken off the rolls yet.

Americans for Prosperity favors the measure because it makes it harder for special interests to enact new spending mandates and for special interests to use ballot initiatives to raise our taxes.

The Pachyderm Coalition also advocates a yes vote.

Vandermark weighed in with an opposition statement to Proposition 105, calling it an “insane threshold,” and wrote, “This proposal causes a small MINORITY to dictate that our social contract to abide by a simple majority vote is destroyed by their distorted, small MINORITY sense of what is good for them, but a disaster in a democratic society.”

Others opposing the measure include the Clean Elections Institute, Arizona School Boards Association, Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, Church Women United, Coppersmith, Gordon Schemer & Brockelman PLC, Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter, League of Women Voters of Arizona, Professional Firefighters Association of Arizona, NOW and WESTMARC.