Proposition 101 – Medical Choice for Arizona

Proposition 101 – Medical Choice for Arizona would amend the Arizona Constitution to prevent any law from restricting a person’s freedom to select the health care plan or system of their choice, interfering with a person or entity’s right to pay directly for medical services, imposing a penalty or fine of any type for obtaining or declining health care coverage or for participating in any particular health care plan.

There are nearly eight pages of statements in favor of Proposition 101, many from doctors and health care professionals, who believe in freedom of choice and prevent the possibility of government mandated socialized medicine.

Arguments against Proposition 101, including one from doctors, who are also the chair and co-chair of the Arizona Coalition for a State and National Health Plan, warning “an amendment limiting future legislation is a dangerous thing,” and those who rely on Medicare or Medicaid could lose their coverage.

WESTMARC, a coalition of businesses, government and education that “advocates for good public policy,” also urges a no vote, citing, “there doesn’t appear to be any need for the initiative because we can’t determine there’s any problem the initiative is trying to fix.”
Vandermark chimed in against this one too, stating the proposal prevents “health care coverage for all in Arizona while allowing persons without insurance to die.”

Others writing in opposition include Church Women United in Tucson, a couple of Green Party candidates, the National Organization for Women (NOW) and the Arizona Advocacy Network.