Proposition 100 – Protect Our Homes

Proposition 100 – Protect Our Homes would amend the Arizona Constitution to prohibit the state, or any city, town or other political subdivision of the state from directly or indirectly imposing any sort of transfer tax, fee or assessment on the sale, purchase, transfer or conveyance of interest in real property.

Thirty-seven arguments were submitted in favor of the proposition by legislators, citizens from all over the state, including a school board member and a developer.

There were only two opposition statements, one from the Arizona Education Association (Teachers Union) that says Arizona’s population will triple over the next 30 years and this is just an attempt to tie the hands of legislators “as they determine the best way to grow.” The other was from Ahwatukee resident Bradley K. Vandermark, who believes the amendment “stomps on social equality and social justice by shifting the cost of government from businesses and the wealthy to middle and low income citizens,” and says, “We should all shoulder our share!”