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By Don Sorchych | September 17, 2008

Don SorchychDan Saban, philosopher?

Candidate for sheriff of Maricopa County, Dan Saban, after losing the Republican primary to Joe Arpaio in 2004, took a position as Buckeye Police Chief. He continued living in Queen Creek, so he had a long daily commute.

Someone must have concluded he was a philosopher, and a series of 83 or so “Thoughts while driving,” by Dan Saban, each consisting of six gems with deep philosophical insights (tongue firmly in cheek) were sent into cyberspace almost every week.

Saban, as everyone knows, flipped from Republican to Democrat, appeared on Air America before it went belly up, and attended and spoke at rallies involving illegal aliens and the open border crowd.
edit cartoon sabanThe forward and ending was the same on all submissions, so it is only printed once.

"Thoughts While Driving" from Dan Saban (The humble thoughts of a Public Safety Leader who walks daily on the Thin-Blue line.)

1. We really never own anything at all.
2. We each have gifts we need to unwrap.
3. If you let it go, don't tie it down.
4. Effective leaders don't let office politics be political.
5. Imagine everyone being who they really are.
6. God can see through the limo tint on our lives.
Thoughts are like fingerprints; we each have our own.
Good Health and blessings to you all,

1. You'll know when to pull the trigger.
2. When people impress you tell them.
3. Imagine the dinner table in Heaven.
4. Eternity is forever.
5. God's will is worth reading.
6. People who litter really bug me.

1. People who talk out of both sides of their mouth are hard to understand.
2. The path of least resistance is always very slippery.
3. Effective Leaders pull a lot of teeth.
4. You can't let a 10yr (sic) old drive a car just because they can reach the peddles (sic).
5. Walking softly hurts my feet.
6. Effective Leaders know where to make a pit stop to get their tires aired-up.

1. If your (sic) going to take a shot at me, make sure your gun is loaded.
2. Professional snakes have to take vacation time every year to shed.
3. People are like icebergs, there is a whole lot more to them than what's sticking out of the water.
4. Saying, "I told you so" should have an automatic expiration date.
5. I don't have the time to be patient.

# 35
1. Imagine the fear of not going to heaven.
2. Being secure with yourself is very safe.
3. My goal as a leader is to convince 80% of those I lead it was my decision.
4. Hug everyone you can when you can.
5. Prove your metal (sic) by being steel.
6. I wish to prove my point without hurting anyone.
7. Don't ride the bike if your (sic) not willing to adjust the seat.

# 71
1. Effective Leaders don't always use the hand rail.
2. People who sling mud are not very clean.
3. There will always be people in your life that you would not stop to help change a flat.
4. If you stand up for yourself, you'll be taller.
5. Sometimes we just have to run. I chose to run in place.
6. Effective Leaders love to be told, "deal with it".

1. I can deal with the frogs, its (sic) when they become the princes I have trouble.
2. Sometimes you just bleed all the way to the parking lot.
3. Boring meetings are like having a flat tire.
4. If you choose to be a public speaker then learn to speak to the public.
5. Sometimes it just seems like I'm sitting in the lobby of life waiting to see the principle (sic).
6. It's so hard to imagine certain people not being here.

1. Being in professional denial is like driving at night without your head lamps on.
2. Listening to my children talk, reminds me of what I should have done.
3. People who pretend, really don't know how to act.
4. When we lay our friends to rest we should use God as a comforter.
5. Imagine not questioning God.
6. We are as perfectly different as we are the same, thank God.

1. If you choose to cut someone off at the knees, don't turn around and dunk them in alcohol.
2. Effective leaders learn to steer while the employees pedal.
3. I'm saving Golf for my last sport.
4. Take time for yourself each day to help with me.
5. Every organization needs a snake charmer on staff.
6. Compliancy is the cholesterol in your organizations (sic) arteries.

1. Promotional processes remind me of re-painting (sic) your living room, there's plastic everywhere.
2. Stabbing others in the back kills you.
3. Rubber chicken dinners really tire your jaw.
4. Don't worry about tomorrow, God already has.
5. Sometimes you just have to sleep while you're awake.
6. First impressions should be second to none.

1. We can't put words in God's mouth.
2. There are no editing mechanisms in our Life's video.
3. We can ride in the HOV lane of life if God is driving our souls.
4. If you choose to ride the horse don't complain that the saddle is loose.
5. Don't let your daily bread become a crouton.
6. Mistakes are the tires of our life's vehicle.

1. Effective Leaders should install exhaust vents in the organizations they lead.
2. When they thump on your helmet, just re-comb your hair.
3. Men don't get lost driving; they just forget where they were going.
4. Name about all Names, how cool is that?
5. Effective Leaders come to play everyday.
6. Faith, Family, Friends, any questions?

Saban ran out of steam after the 83rd e-mail mouse click and began to recycle. I received some of these priceless e-mails three times.
Tell me what you think of them and whether you want to see the remaining 72x6=432 jewels.
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