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'For Sale by Owner'

Name withheld for fear of reprisal – until Deputy Town Marshall Bobby Hernandez resigns or is fired!
The Rust family being arrested by Deputy Town Marshall Bobby Hernandez for causing "fear of physical injury, disorderly conduct and noise" over a "For Sale by Owner Sign" is completely appalling! Cave Creek citizens need to pay very close attention to this incident! Anna Marsolo and her self anointed position as zoning compliance watch dog is already growing mighty thin with many of us who, unlike Anna, actually live in Cave Creek. But the actions of Deputy Town Marshall Bobby Hernandez in the arrest of the Rust's were completely reprehensible!

To say that Deputy Town Marshall Bobby Hernandez abused his authority is giving the man too much credit! For an officer of the law, making a wise judgement call is the MOST IMPORTANT QUALIFICATION TO BEING A LAW INFORCEMENT AGENT! This cannot be over-emphasized! One has only to look back four years to remember the young Chandler mother, with a child in the back seat, shot dead by a policeman in a drive thru pharmacy while attempting to fill an outdated prescription, to see the disastrous ramifications of an officer simply not able to make that distinction.

Don – as you pointed out in your editorial, this officer was well armed; a gun, a taser and a baton. And yet two of our citizens; for placing a well constructed, inoffensive sign ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY spent a night in jail and $2,000 to be released because this officer was enforcing a sign ordinance?? Hello! Are we still in America folks?

What if the Rust's had been a couple of teenagers out after curfew? I shudder to think of what this "officer" might have inflicted on them as his "judgement with authority call."

Deputy Town Marshall Bobby Hernandez is a public servant. We as taxpayers pay his salary. This incidence has shown to me that he DOES NOT EVEN have the ability to discern the difference between a truly critical situation and one which could easily have been diffused with a little diplomacy accompanied by the correct paperwork from the town. Instead he chose to use "his badge" to teach this couple a 'lesson'. I for one do not want to continue to pay his salary. At the very least he is incompetent for not even being able to enforce a sign ordinance without causing embarrassment and pain to everyone involved, but most importantly: This man is dangerous in his apparent willingness to use and abuse the authority invested in him as a law enforcement agent and I urge the citizens of this town to demand his resignation!

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On Bobby Hernandez

Richard Bartlett | Cave Creek
Approximately six months ago Bobby Hernandez rang the doorbell at our house and presented a citation for landscape violations to my wife. I was at my office and received a call from my wife stating that Bobby had photographed her driver's license "to prove she had been served the citation."

We were caught off guard as our landscaping had been completed by Desert Foothills landscaping and most of the plants that were in violation were in our back yard around the swimming pool. We were curious as to who filed the complaint and how Bobby happened to single out our landscaping since the prohibited plants can be found in any yard in our neighborhood.

We were forced to spend thousands of dollars to bring our landscaping into compliance and pay a fine at the city court. We live in Rancho Manana and our home is fairly isolated so we don't think we could have been reported by some city guy just passing by.

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Linda Bentley's article ‘For sale by owner sign’

Steve Caddy | Cave Creek
As usual, I appreciate the REAL JOURNALISM and the courage of conviction that Sonoran News consistently demonstrates in its reporting.

I ask that you pursue this investigation into whether or not the Town Deputy Marshall overstepped his authority, or at least misused his judgment and further, sought to intimidate and abuse his police power. If he indeed acted in a less than professional manner, or perhaps stepped over the legal line, he needs to be held to account. I shudder to think that a person can have a badge and intimidate and bully private citizens. That is not America. It is Russia and China and various third-world countries.

We must have higher standards for our law enforcement officers. I ask you to keep watch on this for us as you have access we do not.

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Gary and Jeri Rust’s arrest

Name withheld
Here is a perfect example of why the ‘freedom of the press’ is so important … and not only important, but vital.

If the facts as presented are accurate, the Rust’s were at the very least the victims of the local town snoop and a local cop who needs to be reigned in. My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that sometime during the felonious crime this local crime prevention specialist had his feelings hurt and decided to overreact and arrest Mr. and Mrs. Rust. Dispatching a Barney Fife clone packing real bullets is not nearly as funny as it is on television and the question begs to be asked … who’s lack of judgment has allowed Hernandez to carry a gun, make arrests and jail local business people for zoning violations? What’s next … G-Men chasing down speeders?

Peace officers are trained to use good judgment and most of them do. However, every now and then, one slips through the cracks

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R. C. Jacobsen | Carefree
Believe I wrote to you once before. Read your draconian article this week. The Rusts should not have been treated like that. Period. The Rusts should not have been transported downtown, period.

Why is this? Should we not get justice here in CC/CF?

What say you? Should we spend the money and get our own police force and justice court system? Perhaps we/you could start a ground swell. Can't take monies with you.

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For Sale By Owner

Bob Downey | Cave Creek
When will people learn civility? This may be Cave Creek but it is still 2008. If the Rusts practiced civility, they would have replaced their sign with one that was compliant and been good neighbors. If Anna Marsolo (She' a realtor? Sounds like she's trying to save us all from drowning in litter) practiced civility, she would have avoided the verbal confrontation. If Bobby Hernandez practiced civility, he would have had the chip on his shoulder removed and become aware that he is, surprise, a public servant.

Do I detect a hint of a lawsuit developing??

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For sale by Owner

With disgust, Michael Foster | via e-mail
Dear Marshal Bobby Hernandez,
If what I just read in Sonoran News is true you're insane and should either resign or be locked-up in a jail somewhere.

If you don't have more important issues to deal with than a for sale sign then the City of Cave Creek needs to examine your priorities and professionalism. You should be charged with child endangerment of a 10 and 13 year-old child.

The way in which you have treated Gary and Jeri Rust is an abuse of power and makes you look like a NAZI ... you're damned SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE AND DON'T FORGET IT!
I intend to contact the mayor with my strong disapproval and seek your resignation.

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R. Horky | Cave Creek/Phoenix
Thank you for the comedy with "GOD BLESS AMERICA." I was chuckling away with that. I also thank you for the South Park article with good family people getting arrested and placed in jail because of a "For Sale" sign ... I actually didn't find that funny at all.

Folks ... South Park is only a cartoon NOT to be followed in real life. I know this is tough for some of you to understand but even their writer's warn that nobody should watch it...let alone, follow their abnormal rules. My God, to make a mother of early teen's cry over a for-sale sign...and then you had the audacity to put her in jail!!!! Perhaps a diet of simple common sense consideration is called for.

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Citizens of Cave Creek

Joe G. | Cave Creek
I can’t tell you how shocked I was when I read about the incident with Bobby Hernandez and Jeri and Gary Rust. How dare Hernandez storm onto private property and seize their sign, then have the audacity to order their arrest for merely questioning his authority! Is this Cave Creek? Why hasn’t anyone from Town Hall even called them to apologize?

The Marshal’s office is here to serve the citizens of Cave Creek. We pay their salaries. Hernandez has a history of hostile arrogant and condescending behavior. He blemishes the character of Cave Creek. He needs to be fired. We cannot and will not tolerate this Gestapo-like behavior from a town official and public servant. As long as he is in uniform he demeans and tarnishes the Office of Marshal. Adam Stein is a respectable and professional officer, but if he continues to condone his sidekick’s actions he loses respect and his office loses credibility, as does Town Hall.

The mayor, council and town manager need to be held accountable. If the charges are not dropped, with an apology, maybe we should strongly consider retirement for our mayor-for-life, the entire council and town manager. They work for us; we don’t serve them. Perhaps we could remind them of this with elections coming up. These people need to understand the business community generates the sales tax revenue that town hall thrives on and it’s time they show the business leaders some respect, rather than harassment. Town government has turned into a pain the ass in regards to regulations concerning signs, etc.

Town Hall has always been a circus and now we have our very own clown. Bobby has to go. Perhaps the entire circus has to go as well.

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Sept. 3rd news article on Pistol Packin' Palin

K. Harris | Cave Creek
Bravo to Becky Fenger! Her Sept. 3 Fenger Pointing column on "Pistol Packin' Palin" was not only right on, but refreshing and enjoyable to read! I just wanted to write a quick note to that respect.

Sarah Palin is a perfect example of a top exemplary working class mom in an upper career classification that will make this country excel and PROUD to be an AMERICAN!
THANKS for her refreshing article in light of all this mudslinging.

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Aug 20 article ‘Saddleback Forum’

Sheridan Mayer | Phoenix
I just read Becky Fenger's column comparing John McCain and Barack Obama (Aug. 20). Just want to tell her – it was vicious, mean, poisonous, disgusting, superficial, juvenile, sleazy, idiotic, and – OH, YEAH – when is she going to write about:
The Keating Five, McCain's Mistresses!!, Love Of War, Corporate Ties, 23 Bombing Missions In Vietnam (how many innocent people did MCCAIN bomb for absolutely NO reason?), etc, etc, etc!!

I challenge Fenger to write about any or all of these McCain facts – or is the truth too painful??

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An American Maggie Thatcher!

J-P. A. Maldonado | Desert Foothills
I have not been a Republican many years, since I could not consider myself in the same side of the field as McCain, Graham, Specter, Giuliani, Bloomberg, Snowe, et al.: liberal crypto-Socialist wolves in Republican sheep's clothing. I became instead a proud Independent. In essence, I believed, and still believe, that all politicians and diapers should be replaced regularly ... and for the same reason.

I have changed my mind, however. After having voted for NONE OF THE ABOVE ever since Bob Dole ran for the presidency, I have decided to vote for our 44-year-old American version of Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin, and her running mate, JOHN McWhatshisname.

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Neighborhood meeting

Lyn Hitchon | Carefree
I attended the citizen participation meeting at the Buffalo Chip Saloon for the presentation of the proposed Cave Creek Major General Plan Amendment being requested by the landowners of the 25 acres south of the Chevron station. The turnout was great and many of the questions from the audience were well thought out and pertinent.

Not everyone is aware that, by law, towns and cities are required to consider any requests for General Plan and zoning amendments and special use permits, and that these requests must go through the standard processes. I am pleased to be able to say that both Carefree and Cave Creek have competent, dedicated Planning and Zoning Commissioners, Council members and town staff.

So, if you attend the P&Z and Council meetings or send letters to town hall on this issue, please treat the Commissioners, Council and staff with the courtesy and respect they deserve. They are not the enemy. Both towns are very lucky to have such high quality people in place. Thank you

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