Hopi Elementary School flies American flag upside down

By Linda Bentley | September 10, 2008

flag1PHOENIX – When Michelle Dallacroce, founder of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, picked up her daughter from Hopi Elementary School in Phoenix (part of the Scottsdale Unified School District) on Monday afternoon, she was outraged to find the American flag flying upside down.

When she contacted the school to bring it to their attention, Dallacroce said the school pretty much shrugged it off as a “mistake” and asked if she wanted them to take it down and put it back up correctly.

“Of course,” Dallacrose responded. However, she said when the flag was eventually lowered it was allowed to drag on the ground. And, before raising it properly, she said it was again allowed to drag on the ground.
Because Dallacroce immediately noticed the flag was flying in distress mode when she arrived at the end of the school day, she wondered how it was possible that no one, not a single employee, teacher, administrator or student noticed the flag was upside down the entire day.

She also said it appeared more a deliberate action since the flags were probably raised by the same individual each day, someone who knew enough to fly the Arizona flag correctly in the upright position and below the American flag.

Courtesy photos/Michelle Dallacroce