Luv Shack’s Ogburn rescues 17 Rio Verde thoroughbreds

By Curtis Riggs | September 10, 2008

Adopt-a-thon Sept. 13 at Luv Shack Ranch in Desert Hills
DESERT HILLS – Last week Joey Ogburn, operator of the Luv Shack Ranch Rescue, rescued 17 thoroughbred horses, victims of a Rio Verde property foreclosure.

She will be holding an Adopt-a-thon at her Luv Shack facility in Desert Hills at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 13 to find good homes for these horses. The Luv Shack is located at 36029 N. 10th St. (To get to the Adopt-a-thon, take Carefree Highway to 7th Street. Turn north on 7th Street and go one mile to Cloud Rd. Turn east on Cloud, and then turn south on 10th Street, which is a dirt road. The Luv Shack Ranch is the first property on the left. Watch for their metal sign. Park at the Luv Shack arena and walk two properties south to the next big arena on the left.)

luv shack rescueThe horses up for adoption include some young ones by a stallion who was the leading sire of winners at Turf Paradise within the last several years.

The horses have all been examined by a Veterinarian, and are still in need of farriers to work on some of them. Ogburn said she or her volunteers will go out to check the facilities of potential adopters as part of the Adopt-a-thon process.

They are in need of foster homes for any horses that do not have decent homes after the Sept. 13 event as well as financial aid and Bermuda grass hay for feed.

The horses were rescued from the ranch of Larry McQuarry, on north 156th St., a breeder of thoroughbreds.

A neighbor of McQuarry’s said, “Sometimes the horses had food and sometimes they didn’t” as foreclosure proceedings went along.

Ogburn had to move fast to get the horses last week because a buyer for a slaughter lot was also interested in them. Ogburn said she beat the buyer by two hours.

One horse needed to be put down after it was trampled in the trailer during loading to get the horses off the property. Another mare impaled itself on a fence and then got away into the desert, Ogburn said. The horse was found and sent to rescue.

“I am hearing a lot about problems for people who are in foreclosure,” Ogburn said.

For more information, contact Joey at 602-400-0826.

Photo caption: One of the thoroughbreds rescued from Rio Verde.

Courtesy photo/Joey Ogburn