Satisfied Frog to live on elsewhere in Cave Creek

By Linda Bentley | September 10, 2008

Peaglers required to remove trademark, logo by Sept. 30
CAVE CREEK – In February, after locking Ed and Maria Chilleen out of their Satisfied Frog Restaurant for failure to pay nearly $500,000 in rent, Marc Peagler on behalf of the Peagler family business, Frontier Enterprises Inc, took over the operation of the Satisfied Frog and kept it open for business.

satisfied frogWhen he learned the Chilleens had failed to register their Satisfied Frog trademark name and logo when it expired, Peagler registered the corporate entity Satisfied Frog LLC under his own name.

In April, the Chilleens filed an application in Maricopa County Superior Court for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, seeking to enjoin the Peaglers from using the Satisfied Frog trademark name and logos.

On Sept. 3 the parties came to an agreement that permanently enjoined the Peagler family and their employees from using the Satisfied Frog name, logos and trademarks, and required all references to the name and logo be removed from the premises and use by Sept. 30.

Marc Peagler said he thinks they’ve come up with a new name for the restaurant and stated once everything is decided, he plans to hold a contest to name the new mascot.

Meanwhile, the Chilleens say they are close to signing for a new location in Cave Creek to open the new Crazy Ed’s Satisfied Frog Restaurant.

Photo caption: The Satisfied Frog trademark name and logo will soon be hopping to a new location somewhere else in Cave Creek, now that Ed and Maria Chilleen have a signed agreement with the Peagler family stipulating the Chilleens have uncontested ownership of the Satisfied Frog name and logo.

Photo by Linda Bentley