Neighbors not buying into Lewis’ rezoning plan

By Curtis Riggs | September 10, 2008

CAVE CREEK – During Tuesday evening’s neighborhood general plan amendment meeting applicant David Lewis appeared to be interested in what neighbors opposing his up-zoning request had to say.

“I am only here to hear what everybody has to say. It will help me make my decision,” he said.

He is seeking a Cave Creek’s General Plan amendment for five acres between Scopa Trail and Galloway, opening the way to up-zone several parcels to commercial from their present residential zoning designation.

As it turned out Lewis did not favor the primary recommendation from the 30 people at the meeting, which was to build one home on two acres.

“I am not wedded to commercial, but I certainly won’t do just one house,” he responded. “One house per two acres won’t fly with me, but I do have an open mind.”

He did add, however, that he will revise his amendment application prior to the Oct. 16 Cave Creek Planning and Zoning Commission meeting where Lewis’ up-zoning request and three other pending general plan amendments will be heard. Changing his application is nothing new for Lewis, who proposed a resort and a medical building for an adjacent property at one time.

When Lewis asked if any of them would consider something which would be of service to them such as a “small inexpensive grocery store,” the suggestion coming from many at the meeting was “a park.”

Lewis responded that he couldn’t afford to turn his properties into a park.

“Maybe I could put a water tank there,” he jested, referring to the town’s problems in getting water storage tanks built in the last few years. “We already have a park in town and nobody goes there.”

Neighbor Don Asakawa commented that a park would be a good idea as some of the properties in question are adjacent to Gateway Desert Awareness Park.