Lewis seeking commercial use for Petersville

By Linda Bentley | September 3, 2008

Is keeping Petersville Petersville part of keeping Cave Creek Cave Creek?
CAVE CREEK – David Lewis has filed an application for a general plan amendment to change the Town Core Plan Use Map for five parcels (216-07-038, 039, 040, 041A and 046) between Scopa Trail and Galloway Drive, from their current designations of Very Low Density Residential (VLDR) to Commercial Core (CC).

petersvilleTwo of the parcels are currently owned by Zenonas Misius, successor trustee to the Bernice Agnes Peters Revocable Trust.

The two parcels (216-07-038 and 039) owned by Misius make up what’s known as “Petersville,” named by and for its former owners Stephen and Bernice Peters.

Petersville, with its simple cabin-styled homes, lush desert vegetation, windmill and vast mountain backdrop, is a Cave Creek landmark and contributes to what some say makes Cave Creek, Cave Creek.

Lewis sought a rezoning from Desert Rural to Commercial Buffer in October 2005 for the former Julie Terry property that has since been purchased by T.C. Thorstenson, who has also submitted a general plan amendment application to change its use from VLDR to CC.
In September 2006, Lewis applied for a special use permit (SUP) for parcel 216-07-040 to be used as a parking lot in conjunction with his SUP request for a 50-room resort hotel on an adjacent commercially zoned parcel (216-07-057A).

His requests were denied.

Lewis has scheduled a neighborhood meeting at Brix Wine Spot in Stagecoach Village for Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 6 p.m. for anyone interested in offering comments or suggestions for the property.

zoning mapLewis’ invitation states, “I moved to Cave Creek 20 years ago. I bought this property before there were commercial buildings on either side of my property.

“I am seeking understanding and compromise with the neighborhood.”

Lewis’ comments are misleading in that he didn’t purchase these parcels 20 years ago and the commercial buildings on either side of his property were already planned and zoned long before his purchase.

Without expressing a vision, under the section of the application titled “Compliance with Cave Creek Town Core Vision,” Lewis wrote, “It is the intent of the applicants to present a project that will greatly increase tourism and revenue to the town that will be attractive and in keeping with town designs with no impact to services and limited impact on the neighbors.”

Amidst a sea of “For Lease” and “For Sale” signs throughout the town’s commercial core, there are five general plan amendment applications requesting changes in land use for nearly 60 acres from VLDR, Low Density Residential and Desert Rural uses to CC, General Commercial, and Commercial Buffer.

General plan amendments will be reviewed during the Oct. 16 planning commission meeting and the Nov. 17 town council meeting.

Photo caption: Petersville, pictured above and shown on the aerial photo map as parcels 216-07-038 and 039, are two of the five parcels David Lewis included in his general plan amendment application to change the designated land use from Very Low Density Residential to Commercial.