Tony Bouie’s wife tries to pump up a racial divide

By Linda Bentley | August 27, 2008

tonybouieCalls LD6 precinct committeemen ‘white supremacists’
PHOENIX – Last week, Rep. Sam Crump, R-Dist. 6, issued a press release calling on Tony Bouie to withdraw from the legislative race while announcing his endorsement of fellow Republican Carl Seel.

Bouie’s motives have been questioned by Republican Party members after learning Bouie was a life-long Democrat until five days before he filed to run as state representative.

Bouie hadn’t previously denied his past registration as a Democrat – that is until the last couple of weeks when he began accusing others of distorting the truth.

At an Aug. 12 candidate forum, Bouie stated, “My opponent will tell you that I’ve been a Democrat all my life, which is very untrue. For nine years, over half my voting life, I’ve been a Republican – but he won’t tell you that.”

Then Arizona Capitol Times interviewed Bouie, who said, “The fact is, I’ve been a Republican half my voting life. From 1995 until 2003 …”

According to Crump, Bouie lied again during an Aug. 14 interview with the Arizona Republic editorial board, at which Crump and Seel were also present.

This time Bouie claimed he was registered as a Republican in Hillsborough County, Fla. from 1995 to 1999.

However, Bouie’s claim didn’t check out with the Hillsborough County Registrar, who confirmed Bouie had never been registered as a Republican, only as a Democrat.
Bouie issued a press release on Aug. 18 admitting he never was a registered Republican and stated, “Unfortunately, I did not complete the voter registration paperwork to make this switch official. I hope this clarifies any confusion about my party past.”

Crump said Bouie’s attempt to cover up his blatant lies and start his political career by lying to the voters was unacceptable and demonstrated “a serious character flaw.”

But then Bouie’s wife Allison decided to step into the arena by sending out an e-mail that said, “I am begging for help. Carl Seel’s crowd … is planning an attack against Tony at the LD6 meeting. This group of people are (sic) part of a white supremacy group, so they will stop at no costs … They are going all out to crucify Tony. I think this is one of those all gloves off beat the living daylights out of Tony’s character. We HAVE to form as big of a group as possible to fight off these crazy people.

“We have a legitimate concern that they will go to no stops to destroy Tony. I will be honest as Tony’s wife that I am scared about what they will do. I know that we all have busy lives, but I wouldn’t ask unless I had a REAL need here. We must join around Tony here. Please let me know if you can be there physically … Tony is a man of great character and faith, and we need to make it clear that he has a lot of supporters and won’t be bullied by white supremacists.”

Her e-mail was subsequently posted on the blog, inciting comments a-plenty.

Here’s just a sample:

Seen it all said, “Calling the elected grassroots party workers, the precinct committeemen, ‘crazy people and white supremacists’ is an outrage! This woman is as big a liar as her husband is. And just how many meetings has she attended? Have either of them ever been elected as PCs? Of course not – unless it was in the Democrat party!”

Hometown Guy wrote, “This is obscene. What do the Bouie’s know about precinct committeemen? Obviously NOTHING!! I find these baseless allegations infuriating. I’ve been an elected precinct committeeman for years. Never once have I heard anything that even remotely alluded to white supremacy. We are the workers who get the GOP candidates elected. REPUBLICAN candidates, that is. Bouie doesn’t qualify.

“If they think Republicans are bigots, why didn’t he run as the Democrat he has always been? Only because the district is predominantly GOP. This is a scam from beginning to end. A scam built on lies.”

Janelle said, “Unbelievable. I’ve been a precinct committeeman since I was eighteen. I have never seen such underhanded and unethical behavior – even from Democrats. I hope that the party sanctions those responsible for these actions.”

MacBeth said, “What in the hell is this woman talking about? White supremacists at the Republican district meetings? No district meetings I’ve ever attended had any such agenda.
“Her husband, Tony Bouie, has been outed as a lifelong Democrat who registered as a Republican five days before announcing his intention to run for the state legislature in a predominantly GOP district. When that lie was uncovered, Bouie told another. And another. Now they say that he is feeling the heat because he is black and the PCs are crazy people and white supremacists.

“Where are the party leaders? Why are Bouie and his wife allowed to make such unfounded allegations against the backbone of the Arizona Republican Party? I am disgusted by the Bouies, but the party officials and those who have endorsed this con man need to step forward and give this affront the official spray of antiseptic it needs.”

Lori wrote, “JOHN SHADEGG, PAMELA GORMAN, JIM WARING ENDORCE TONY BOUIE. Are they comfortable about the general?”

MesaMax said, “I used to think Kevin Gibbons was as low as it could get. Wow! Calling LD6 Republican PCs white supremacists and racists because they chose to back genuine Republican candidates is a brand new low.”

Barry R. said, “Insulting the intelligence of your own friends and supporters. Who is the genius running the Bouie campaign?”

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