Sheriff's Office arrests twelve more illegal aliens

August 20, 2008

Deputies return to Cave Creek
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio continued his illegal immigration fight today, this time in the north valley. He deployed a team of 15 ICE trained deputies to converge on the town of Cave Creek.

satpatrolBeginning in the pre-dawn hours, deputies conducted a crime suppression/traffic enforcement operation. Within only six hours, deputies made 47 traffic stops netting 16 arrests. All were male suspects.

Of the 16 arrested, 12 were illegal aliens, three of which were arrested on state charges of failure to provide identification. Nine were collateral arrests now in the process of deportation and four U.S. citizens were arrested on warrants for felony larceny, driving on suspended licenses and drug possession.

"These operations will continue periodically and throughout the valley," Arpaio said, "despite a growing number of open border activists doing everything they can to stop these operations. That simply will not happen on my watch."

Photo by Don Sorchych