Illegal campsites still cropping up in Cave Creek

By Linda Bentley | August 20, 2008

CAVE CREEK – Bob Kite, who owns the property in the center of town, is the unwitting host to illegal alien campsites, numerous beer bashes and toilets hidden along the wash between Basin and Schoolhouse roads.

Heaps of garbage found on the same property, concealed by desert trees and shrubs and only steps away from homes, include an abundance of Budweiser cases and cans, human feces and toilet paper, groceries hung in trees, while women’s underwear is displayed prominently from the rape tree.

Town Marshal Adam Stein has made several trips to the campsite with hopes of catching the illegal campers.
He said, “I’d just as soon catch them so I can make them clean it up,” rather than use town resources.

Unable to catch anyone at the site, Stein, who had only previously been there at night, led a work crew to the site on Tuesday afternoon to begin the cleanup effort.

It soon became clear to Stein, seeing the campsite for the first time during daylight; it was not something a few men could easily haul out.

After un-staking and hauling out the tent and some of its contents, they came up with a plan to bring a larger truck and possibly find better access to the site for carrying out large items such as mattresses and pallets as well as trash from the site.

As the group was firming up those plans, a man walking down Basin Road stopped to tell Stein about other illegal alien campsites in town.

Photos by Linda Bentley