Citizens misled into signing ‘Stop Illegal Hiring’ petition

By Linda Bentley | August 6, 2008

Immigration Reform Law Institute poised to sue
ARIZONA – The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is investigating a possible law suit to disqualify the Stop Illegal Hiring (SIH) initiative from appearing on the ballot.

The lawsuit would include damages caused by misinformation provided by signature gatherers for the SIH initiative, leading people to believe they were either signing the Legal Arizona Workers Act (LAW) or an initiative sponsored by Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa.

signersThe SIH initiative actually undermines the Legal Arizona Workers Act, introduced by Pearce and signed into law by Gov. Janet Napolitano last year, despite failed efforts by businesses and pro-illegal immigration advocates to have it declared unconstitutional by the courts.

If the SIH initiative were to pass, it would, once again, make the E-Verify employment eligibility verification program voluntary so employers who wish to continue using unauthorized illegal workers can return to the old “wink and nod” method of Form I-9 verification, a program recognized by Congress to be rife with fraud, forged documents and identity theft.

Citizens who have, without a doubt, signed the SIH petition because they were misled into believing it was LAW or another initiative sponsored by Pearce, are encouraged to contact IRLI Staff Attorney Sharma Hammond at 202-742-1828 or by e-mail: as soon as possible regarding this highly time-sensitive matter.

IRLI is a public interest law firm that represents citizens in immigration-related matters.

Photo caption: The Immigration Reform Law Institute is poised to file a court challenge to disqualify the Stop Illegal Hiring initiative from appearing on the ballot after receiving information about citizens being misled by signature gatherers.
Photo by Linda Bentley