Carefree hurrying downtown project to be ready for season

By Curtis Riggs | July 30, 1008

Extends gas line to two gas lamps near Sundial

CAREFREE – Town council is so anxious to begin work on downtown lighting and traffic plans it could not wait a week for the regular August meeting to award contracts for the projects, scheduled for completion by mid-September.

Council awarded a $96,000 contract to Cactus Asphalt for deceleration lanes at Wampum Way and Lucky Lane on Tom Darlington and at Hum and Cave Creek roads.

Council awarded a $76,000 contract to AJP Electrical for 15 electrical gas lamps along Easy Street and two real gas lamps near the Carefree Sundial.

A new wrinkle in the downtown renovations, which was approved at the July 29 special meeting, was extension of a gas line to supply gas to the two real gas lamps going in near the Sundial. Town Planner Gary Neiss explained the Southwest Gas line behind the Sundial Café would be extended 200 feet to reach the two gas lamps, which will be installed at 11 o’clock and 3 o’clock off of the Sundial. A $10,000 contract was awarded to extend the line, install the gas lamp fixtures and replace bricks around the Sundial, which will be torn up during construction.

Councilman Bob Gemmill recused himself from the items involving the gas lamps and the gas line. Councilman Bob Coady voted against both agenda items.

Mayor Wayne Fulcher said the special meeting was held to enable construction to start on the downtown projects sooner.

“The reason for this meeting is to move the projects along so we can minimize the negative impacts to business owners and citizens,” he said.