Film/Arts Festival to culminate in Coyote Awards Ceremony

By Curtis Riggs | July 16, 2008

Gala event Saturday night at Harold’s
CAVE CREEK – The culmination of a year’s worth of art, photography and literature for the Cave Creek Film and Arts Festival will take place at Harold’s on Saturday.

coyote awardsThe second-annual “Coyote Awards Ceremony” will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 19.Winners in both the adult and youth divisions of the film, visual arts, photography, short story, poetry and choreography categories will walk away with a Coyote, Cave Creek’s version of an Oscar, and a substantial cash prize at the gala, which drew a crowd of 500 last year. A crowd of 700 is expected for this year’s gala, said Harold’s co-owner Danny Piacquadio.

Winning original songs will be played, films will be aired and short stories and poems will be read at the event. Winning artwork will also be on display.

“It should be absolutely grand,” Mayor Vincent Francia said about the wrap-up of the annual festival, which is a tribute to the community’s growth as an arts town.

“Considering the response to this year’s festival (which had triple the number of entries as last year) we are now getting to the culmination.”

Francia calls the Coyote Awards Ceremony a double-celebration.

“It’s a celebration of the arts and also a community celebration,” he said about how the growth and success of the film/arts festival has enabled Cave Creek to take a leadership role in the arts.

To Piacquadio the aim of the awards show is to provide a fun evening for everyone while celebrating the arts at the same time.

“It’s an honor for Harold’s,” he said. “It allows many members of the town to see us in a new light. Everyone is on the same page and we are proud to help give recognition to the arts,” he said.

Photo caption: Coyotes, Cave Creek’s versions of Oscars, will be awarded to winners in the Cave Creek Film and Arts at the gala festival award ceremony at Harold’s on Saturday, July 19.

Courtesy photo