Windridge withdraws Brenner’s Hill application

By Curtis Riggs | July 2, 2008

Lewis’ plans excludes Petersville
CAVE CREEK – There have been significant changes in two proposed amendments to the town’s general plan.
Windridge Enterprises has withdrawn its application for a minor general plan amendment on a near one-acre parcel just west of the Buffalo Chip. Investors were seeking to up-zone the small residential property to commercial. Windridge Enterprises agent Mike Noonan said at a community meeting last month that owners of the property would likely take steps to maximize use of six lots they own on Brenner’s Hill if the general plan amendment is not approved.
The CC&R’s for the Pleasant View Estates subdivision on Brenner’s Hill restricting all property within the subdivision to remain residential until 2019 is one of the hurdles property owners could not overcome in their plans to up-zone the small parcel.
Cave Creek Planning Director Ian Cordwell said the investment group owning property on Brenner’s Hill could eventually establish up to 14 residential lots on Brenner’s Hill.
In another proposed general plan amendment, the Petersville Area, where the windmill is located, on the north side of Cave Creek Road just before you reach Carefree, is no longer included in David Lewis’ plans to establish a resort. Cordwell said Lewis has hired Scottsdale architect Tyler Green to do a site plan of the property with Petersville excluded.
Lewis has yet to schedule the community meeting required of general plan applicants. He must hold this meeting by September for his application to be heard by the Cave Creek Planning Commission on Oct. 16.