Sonoran Arts League to buy building at Stagecoach Village

By Curtis Riggs | July 2, 2008

5,400 sq.ft. space will provide permanent S.A.L. homes
CAVE CREEK – It looks like the Sonoran Arts League has finally found a home.

After renting a space in Carefree, which was too small, for several years and holding their monthly meetings in a community room that could only accommodate half of their 430 members, league officials announced earlier this week they are negotiating to buy a 5,400-square-foot building at Stagecoach Village at the northwest corner of Cave Creek Road and Galloway Drive.

stagecoach“We have lusted after our own space for years,” SAL president Ralph Deuschle said about the building at the back, northwest, portion of the nearly vacant retail center. “Plus we can’t fit into the community room at Harris Bank anymore and the building is the perfect place to display league member’s artwork.”

Deuschle said league leaders and members liked the 30-window building they are purchasing and the entire Stagecoach Village venue.

They are planning to hold an art show at the center over President’s Day weekend in 2009. “There is a very nice setup around the interior courtyard,” he said.

The price for the 5,400-square-foot building is around $1.3 million. Deuschle, however, estimates the league will have to raise between $3.5 and $4 million to establish a proper home there.

“There are windows all the way around it so art can be displayed from 30 windows,” he said. Members of the league’s board of directors fell in love with the stand alone one-story building.

Photo caption: Sonoran Arts League Board of Directors are talking about buying this 5,400-square-foot building in Stagecoach Village.

Photos by Curtis Riggs