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What in the world is going on? How can a referendum against a specific ordinance the council passed, be refused by the town? Where does it say that the town attorney has the power to make such a decision?

Cool new web site at! A vast improvement. We thank you!

Bob Gemmill continues to rub people the wrong way. No doubt he will be removed from his HOA. Will he also be recalled and removed from the Carefree Town Council?

The idea that there are companies deriving profit from providing an employment service for ‘double dippers’ gives me indigestion. No public employee, currently working in a public position, should be allowed to collect retirement benefits. The taxpayers are being screwed but everyone else in the Smartschoolsplus scheme seems to be making money.

I love getting Sonoran News in my mailbox. It’s too hot to walk to the end of the driveway and bending over to pick it up isn’t all that easy either. I know what you’re thinking, but I get my exercise – just not that way. I require air conditioning.

To even have the term ‘globalized’ appear in the same headline as ‘Cave Creek’ as Daryl Hunter did in his Guest Editorial in last week’s issue of Sonoran News, is simply frightening.

Isn’t there a legal process the Town of Cave Creek is required to follow when there is a referendum presented? If simply rejecting it is an option, we are facing chaos.

If the Town of Cave Creek goes to its knees as it is faced with the ACLU/ MALDEF lawsuit – without an honorable fight – our legal council needs to be reconsidered. How long are we committed to using their services? If they do something really stupid, do we have recourse, like a way out of that commitment?

You are to be commended on your column about “God Bless America,” with the subhead “No Parent Left Behind” in your issue of June 11!! This has some of the funniest stuff I have seen in my 78 years!!

As a big red pickup truck going about 40 miles an hour flew through the four way stop sign at Cave Creek and Schoolhouse a thought came to me: Maybe its time we put up some lights there too, to wake these people up!

Carefree Town Center is budgeted $40,000 for playground equipment? Is the Gila Monster slide lonely? I don’t seem to see throngs of children there.

As gas moves rapidly towards $5 per gallon it would seem to be time for residents of Carefree to revisit insane logic as all residents drive to the Post Office to pick up their mail instead of the postman driving to residents to deliver the mail.

The new site is awesome! Congratulations to the graphics department and anyone else involved in producing a much more user-friendly and eye-appealing place to visit!

A certain activist who doesn’t even live in the Town of Cave Creek caused a whole lot of ruckus over the water tank being improved on Rockaway Hills. The town had to tiptoe over everything because of angry neighbors caused by this activist. The Town, realizing they had to move forward with their plans for the good of the town, completed the project as planned. The tank does not block the neighbors’ view any more than an ugly house would or for that matter, what the old tank did. The citizens of Cave Creek have to stop falling for this little activist crying wolf.

Boy let’s hope the vagrancy rules still apply in Cave Creek or we’re going to be just as covered with illegal aliens as we were before.

I finally got to see what is arguably the largest color pencil drawing in existence. Dick Mueller did an incredible job. What a gruesome subject, though. I guess it takes all kinds.

I thought Judicial Watch offered to help Cave Creek in their efforts to create a defensible ordinance prohibiting the solicitation of work from along the streets of Cave Creek? Did someone blow a golden opportunity? If so, we deserve to know who made the mistake and, more importantly, how such a screw-up was allowed. Such ineptitude deserves to be noticed and rectified.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. There are people out there who believe McCain has already won the Presidential election. This kind of thinking and worse yet, press coverage, could very well result in the lowest Republican voter turnout in history. Do not assume anything. The only thing worse than voting to ensure McCain’s election would be electing Barack Obama because we all stayed home.

Janet Napolitano must be jumping up and down with excitement over the prospect of being tapped by Obama for a key appointment in his cabinet. The citizens of Arizona should also be jumping up and down with excitement over the prospect of having our next governor act like a real governor – one who pays attention to the rule of law and the will of the people.