Proposed speed-limit change on hold

By Curtis Riggs | June 18, 2008

CAREFREE – Town officials have agreed not to go forward with lowering the speed limit on Cave Creek Road north of the Carefree Highway to 40 miles per hour until Cave Creek leaders agree.

“We will continue to abide by that commitment,” Carefree Mayor Wayne Fulcher said.
“My commitment to Cave Creek was that nothing would be done unless Cave Creek also agreed to alter the speed limit so there will be a consistent speed limit,” Fulcher added about the recommendation by Carefree traffic consultant Paul Basha.

Cave Creek Town Manager Usama Abjubarah expressed his concerns about the speed-limit change in a meeting with Fulcher and other Carefree officials some time ago. It was then he let them know how Cave Creek feels about changing the speed limit.

When Basha presented the traffic report to the Carefree Town Council he admitted safety was not an issue on that stretch of road as there have been few or no accidents there for several years.

Carefree residents who live on the west side of Black Mountain spoke against the change at that time saying the speeds were already low enough and that if lower it would be even more difficult to get on and off of Cave Creek Road.

“This is a good gesture,” Abujbarah said about Carefree holding off on the change. “I am happy they are not going to do anything until Cave Creek agrees.”