Cave Creek globalized

By Daryl A. Hunter| June 11, 2008
Daryl HunterWhen I read the article by Linda Bentley “Cave Creek forced to pave past for dust-free future” and the Referendum by Don Sorchych, alarm bells went off in my head. These Federal Mandates that are pushed upon the American populace are no more constitutional than when Reagan used the threat of pulling highway funds to force the states to adopt 21 as the legal drinking age. It was blackmail then as it is now.

The fact that our Federal Government has acquired such power should be alarming to anyone who has ever read the Constitution which clearly states that the power is to remain with the states.

I am a field correspondent for Republic Media and have done research on subjects such as this for a couple of years now. The following information might shock you but unfortunately it is true.

First we will tackle the Issue of Federalism. What is Federalism, you may ask? The issue of Federalism was pushed by Shays Rebellion of 1786-1787 which was an uprising by poor farmers in Massachusetts. The uprising was due to the debt incurred by the American Revolution. It was a driving force behind the need for the Constitution and Federalism and as defined does not sound like such a bad thing. The reality of how it has been expanded to force the states to comply without choice, to laws that are decided by the Federal Government and now the United Nations and it's organizations and committees, has now become detrimental to your rights. There are over 5000 meetings held by the U.N. every year to push the United Nations Charter. (World Wide Socialist Agenda) What did this Crazy Reporter just say? I said exactly what it is. Forced Socialism, even worse a mix of communism and capitalism some call Communitarianism. China is a prime example of this.

Since most Americans barely have time to pay attention to what it is their local and state governments are up to, the United Nations has had free reign to do pretty much whatever it wants. It has also had a lot of help from our past three presidents, Ronald Reagan, George Bush 41, and William Clinton.

In 1984 Ronald Reagan signed H. R. 4614 The National Minimum Drinking Age Act into law. The law stated the states had the right to set the drinking age, however, if the federally mandated drinking age of 21 was not adopted the state(s) would be penalized 10 percent of their highway funds which amounted to millions in lost revenue to the states. Revenue that was paid to the federal government by the states. This was clearly an invasion of state’s rights using federal highway funds as persuasion.
In 1987 Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order (E.O.12612) which was described as New Federalism further cementing the power of the Federal government to usurp the power of the states. What followed was a wave of federal mandates leaving the states to fund without adequate funding from the federal government. To help deal with this problem, George H.R. Bush issued E.O. 12803 Infrastructure Privatization. This as we now know is the basis for the public/private partnerships and the sellout of the nation’s infrastructure to the bidder with the deepest pockets.

The Canamex Corridor is an example of how the state can now fund a massive highway project without having to raise the money from the taxpayers. We will all get to pay the toll to use the highway when it is complete. This does not empower the people or protect the populace from the fascism that is evolving from the public/private partnerships. William Clinton continued the “fire sale” of America.
On December 28, 1998 Bill Clinton issued Executive Order (EO) #13107 which requires all U.S. Executive Agencies to enforce compliance with all U.N. Human Rights treaties, even those which have not been ratified by the Senate. EO #13107 gives precedence to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and makes U.N. doctrine the legal standard for which all U.S. policy must meet.

EO #13107, Sec. 5. Cooperation among Executive Departments and Agencies. All agencies shall cooperate in carrying out the provisions of this order. The Inter Agency Working Group shall facilitate such cooperative measures.

And this was just the tip of the iceberg. In 1998, Clinton then signed Executive Order (E.O.) #13083 which dealt with the issue of federalism, This was suspended after the Conference of Governors told Clinton they would not support the E.O. since they were not consulted. This did not stop Clinton.