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By Don Sorchych | December 31, 2008

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A very serious thank you to scores of people who have mentioned my recent bout with doctors and hospitals. I do appreciate the prayer lists and thank all of you for kind thoughts.

Such events give no notice. I had symptoms of a cold on Sunday and since it was a weekend, Shari Jo took me to the Mayo Emergency Room. They presumed the flu and sent me home.

The next day after taking a blood pressure pill that was several weeks delinquent I suddenly lost control and hit the floor. When Shari Jo returned I was in bad shape so she called friend Bill Payne and he helped me to the truck.

After returning to Mayo, it didn’t take long to deem the incident a stroke of the cerebellum. After several days of observation it was determined that swelling reduced enough to send me home for rest and rehabilitation.

The good news is that only my balance was affected and full function will return in time. The bad news is that the presence of atrial fibrillation requires life long coumadin (Warfarin).
Thanks to Shari Jo, a wonderful staff at Sonoran News and your kind thoughts and prayers, everything is fine.

canfield cartoon


Curious responses were offered when I asked for Annual New Year’s Resolutions from local citizens.

Cave Creek Mayor Vincent Francia: I will read the “Art of War” until I get it.

Cave Creek Vice Mayor Gilbert Lopez: In retirement, I will sit and dream of being Mayor. Oops, that is the dark side on the phone.

Councilwoman Kimberly Brennan: I am woman, Realtor, business owner, pole dancer and ex-stripper. Am I hot or not?

Councilman Ernie Bunch: In my new term, I will be awake while at the podium, even if I need pills.

Councilman Dick Esser: Gotcha covered, whoever you may be. What?

Councilman Thomas McGuire: Believe me it is heady up here but I am always on your side, you know that or I wouldn’t be here. Right?

Councilwoman Grace Meeth: Win or lose you know Usama is evil don’t you? Well, don’t you? Why? Because I said so.

Challenger Jim Bruce: I’ve been quiet. Just wait.

Challenger Steve LaMar: I said I would never run, but here I am.

Challenger Reg Monochino: Who said I am Grace’s boy?

Challenger Ralph Mozilo: Been here, done it. Why am I doing it again? Bored maybe.

Challenger Shea Stanfield (Lucy Kastelic in another life): Here I am back again. Didn’t learn anything the first time around, thought I would try again.

Challenger Adam Trenk: So I’m wet behind the ears, vote for cute.

Carefree Mayor Wayne Fulcher: You don’t have to be controversial. Just be sneaky, like me.

Carefree Vice Mayor Lloyd Meyer: Patience is everything. I’m waiting for the mayoral vote.

Carefree Councilman Bob Coady: So recycling is going away. Watch for my next act.

Carefree Councilman Greg Gardner: Do the math. That is how I stay in office.

Carefree Councilman Bob Gemmill: Conflicts of interest make life more interesting.

Carefree Councilman Glenn Miller: Fire is my deal. Don’t like that? &#*^> you!

Carefree Councilman David Schwan: I got a little HOA tool box for Christmas. What fun!

Challenger Doug Devoe: Time for change guys and am I ever ready!

Challenger Peter Koteas: How about some fresh ideas and balanced voters?

Challenger Susan Vanik: Be nice to have some estrogen in this good old boys club. And … I am an active Kiwanian!

Cave Creek Town Manager Usama Abujbarah: Being CEO has its limitations. A long vacation sounds inviting.

Cave Creek Town Administrator Jon Pearson: CEO of Carefree? Where is my retirement contract?

Town Manager wanna be Terry Zerkle: Hmmm. I had better add Carefree to my list of complaints to the AG’s office.

Activist Realtor Snoop Anna Marsolo: I don’t care what anyone else says, I’m in charge.

Activist Gadfly Echo Chamber Herb Natker: Whatever Anna says must be repeated, repeated … repeated . . . repeated . . .

The Mayor’s mailbox

The Cave Creek mayor has a busy computer. It seems the dark side has little to do but to fill his inbox.

Recently their tactic is to demand Francia fire George Ross. Why? Because Ross is an outspoken Marine, the kind that has kept this country free. For those like Kees Rietsema, who also claim military credentials, I would shudder to think of a country dependent upon his philosophy.

Ross serves on the budget committee, board of adjustment and also has a PAC which is all about issues, not candidates. The town is indeed lucky to have some of his free time and Francia is right to ignore Rietsema, Herb Natker, Anna Marsolo, Gail Clement and anyone else who jumps through Marsolo hoops.

Note these complaints come from perennial whiners and who are they to demand anything – especially dismissal of a patriot?

George Ross and I have had fiery arguments and sometimes don’t talk for awhile but at the end of the day he is the salt of the earth and the whole crowd of dissidents aren’t worth his breath.

How dare these people demand his dismissal? And to conjure up such a stupid reason, that he insulted Bill Allen. I read the accounts of that meeting and if I had been there, I would have been on the side of Town Attorney’s Gary Birnbaum and Marvin Cohen, not Bill Allen.

Even a hydrologist can be wrong and they often disagree with one another. If Allen had something to prove, he could have done so by running for council as he threatened to do. In the meanwhile he can do whatever it takes to get Grace Meeth reelected. Why. I have no clue.