A great way to experience the wonders of Spur Cross Ranch

Curtis Riggs | December 24, 2008

“Take Your Hike to the Desert” Mondays at 9 a.m.
CAVE CREEK – Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area docents and officials are encouraging avid walkers to experience the beauty of the upper Sonoran Desert and the local preserved area on Monday mornings.

Docents Coni Grossman and Tammy Teegardin lead “Take Your Walk to the Desert” hikes at 9 a.m. on Mondays. Regular walkers who exercise in Cave Creek, Carefree and nearby areas are encouraged to join in on the hour and a half (up to 2 mile) hikes.

If the walkers get bored with the beautiful scenery or talking to their walking companions, Grossman entertains them with talks about the ancient rock art, mining and other Spur Cross history. Sometimes she leads the walk up Cottonwood Canyon wash or along Cave Creek wash, which spawns a new set of discussions about wildlife, rock art or other Spur Cross wonders.

“They are easy hikes and it’s good for people to get out there and exercise,” Grossman said about one of the objectives of the Monday hikes.

Conservation area supervisor John Gunn said the Monday hikes are good for people who normally walk alone for exercise.

“It gives walkers a chance to socialize with other people,” he said. “It is also always good for people to get their attitude right. There is nothing like starting your day at Spur Cross.”

Courtesy Photo: All walkers are invited to join docents Coni Grossman and Tammy Teegardin Monday mornings at 9 a.m. for “Take your Hike to the Desert.” Meet at the entrance to Spur Cross Conservation Area down from the parking lot.