Euroway Transport – “Boutique” cab company serving Cave Creek, Carefree and N. Scottsdale

By Nick Andoniades | December 24, 2008

SCOTTSDALE – On my way to an interview with the operations manager of Euroway Transport, a “Boutique” Cab Company, a Barclay Group subsidiary serving N. Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Carefree, I wondered to myself, how much can be said about a cab company, I mean they pick you up here and drop you off there right?

Wrong. I actually discovered Euroway Transport has a lot that distinguishes itself from the average ‘cab’ company making it both a unique and vital service to the community.

One of Euroway’s distinctions is their fleet of Mercedes Benz vehicles. offering the comfort of luxury, safety and dependability. “These are some of the safest vehicles in service to the public,” says Aaron Kern, the managing partner (with the Barclay Group) of Euroway. “We chose Mercedes, say over the Town Car, because of their attention to safety features and their mechanical reliability.”

I was impressed by the degree to which “safety” is a part of the Euroway ethos. “All of our drivers are CrimShield Certified which means after an extensive background check our drivers don’t have even a misdemeanor on their records.” Indeed, CrimShield Certified members have met all the stringent qualifications including: No felonies found in the past 10 years, no violent, theft, or drug related misdemeanors found in the past 5 years, no sex crimes found EVER, no pending or looming legal action which may result in a conviction of any kind. Aaron said, “I would trust my children with any of the drivers in our employ.”

Because of their diligence in screening their drivers, Euroway Transport is a proud participant in Scottsdale’s “Cab Connection” program. This program offers a more flexible alternative to “Dial A Ride” for some elderly and infirm passengers. “Cab Connection” offers twenty vouchers per month per user with each voucher paying 80% of the metered fare between address 1 and address 2; with a maximum value of $10.00. The passenger pays the remaining balance.

“We have many regulars through Cab Connection who like to use us because they can make a definite appointment and we will be there on time,” said Aaron. One steady customer named “Sally” is 93 years old and still living independently. “She loves to go dancing at the Senior Center or the Phoenician. We will pick her up, drop her off and then be there to take her home.”

Euroway has 7 cars in service at any given time, so their response time to a call-in, is from 10 to 30 minutes. Appointments made ahead are always “on time,” Aaron says. “We have drivers in the area who know the area, so our response time is always fast and more often quicker than the competition’s.”

Euroway also offers the best value in Airport Service at the metered rate of $2.25 per mile.
Euroway offers an innovative Errand Service – for the metered rate of $2.25 per mile, plus $15. Euroway drivers will run errands for those who can’t – grocery shopping or picking up a prescription.

Euroway’s Car Re-Location Service may be of special interest during the holidays. If you had so much fun the previous night you decided not to drive yourself home, Euroway will pick up your car where you left it and deliver it to your home for a fixed rate based on the distance traveled.

After an hour with Mr. Kern, I learned there is a lot more to a transportation service than just “picking them up and dropping them off.” All things considered, like safety, dependability, background checked drivers and lower rates, Euroway is truly unique and vital to our community.

Photo by Charles Anthony
Aaron Kern (back right) and the Euroway driving team with a few of their “All-Mercedes” fleet of vehicles.