Petersville preserved for now

By Linda Bentley | November 19, 2008

‘There’s not logic to zoning on the main street’
CAVE CREEK – To keep applicants and speakers focused during Monday night’s council meeting, Francia advised the standing-room-only crowd, “We’re not here for site plans or projects.”

Zenonas MisiusThe four general plan amendment cases being heard began with David Lewis’ application, requesting land use changes for five parcels, including the “Petersville” parcels owned by Zenonas Misius, between Scopa Trail and Galloway Wash, from very low density residential to Commercial Core and multi-family residential. 

Lewis said he wants to develop a brain health research center and is seeking funding.
During public comment, Susan Natker said the Petersville property was designated by Misius’ deceased aunt as a 30-year land trust to “preserve the Western way of life” and it was only in its 14th year.

Misius said he is the beneficiary of the Peters Trust and stated, “There are no restrictions. I have no idea where neighbors are getting this information, but it is false.”

He said, “We’re not asking for commercial, just higher density residential. There’s not logic to zoning on the main street.”

Councilwoman Kim Brennan noted the parcels appeared to all be legal non-conforming uses.
When Councilman Dick Esser’s motion to approve failed by a vote of 0-7, he made a second motion to approve in accordance with the planning commission’s recommendation, changing the land use designation south of the tributary wash to Commercial Core but leaving everything north of the wash as currently zoned.

It too failed by a vote of 2-5 with Brennan and Councilman Ernie Bunch voting yes.
Bunch commented he would like to see what voters have to say “not just these seven people up here.”

Brennan’s motion to change one parcel adjacent to Cave Creek Road to Commercial Core and change another section to Commercial Buffer also failed by a vote of 2-5, with Brennan and Bunch voting in favor, sending Lewis away, once again, without any prospects for rezoning his property any time soon.

Photo: Zenonas Misius