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By Don Sorchych | October 1, 2008

Don Sorchych John Sidney vs. Barack Hussein

A variety of polls showed the Sept. 26 presidential debate to be a tie, while a few gave a slight edge to Senator Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, that is his middle name for those of you who get apoplexic when Hussein is used.

Obviously, an expert Toastmaster gave off-camera drills to Obama concerning his previous non-teleprompter speeches which were full of uhs and stumbles.

If you ever were schooled by Toastmasters, the biggest sin was use of “uh” to connect sentences. The technique used to quell the common practice was to count the uhs and charge the speaker $.25 for each uh uttered in their speech.

Obviously Obama was an adept student because if he used any uhs during the debate, I missed them.

edit cartoon elephantMy opinion is it was a draw, which is pretty good for McCain because he is not a polished speaker and Obama is. That is what got Obama where he is.

Obama is the most liberal of any member of the senate, and that is saying a lot considering the likes of fellow democrats like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.

But Obama was schooled in the Saul Alinsky brand of radicalism while a community organizer. Alinsky taught pupils how to camouflage not only what they are, but their intentions.

Saul Alinski (1909-1972) was a Chicago activist who wrote “Rules for Radicals.” In his book he defined his methods as an organizer as, “an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions.”

It seems clear Obama’s tutor, Rev. Wright, read and practiced Alinsky’s methods.
Obama spent 20 years listening to Wright’s unapologetic race baiting without a whimper. In fact he praised him as his mentor and only threw him under the bus when Wright continued at an even higher level of dissonance in a public setting.

Tell me the whole thing wasn’t staged to give Obama an out of the increasing embarrassment of being connected to the racist “man of God.”

Then there is Obama’s wife trashing America. Notice how she is now hidden from view? Camouflage, practiced right out of Alinsky’s playbook.

The connection of Obama to Bill Ayers, the Weatherman, who admitted to several bombings and lamented that he hadn’t killed more shouldn’t be considered? Why not?

Obama’s early refusal to wear an American flag on his lapel and not hold his hand over his heart when the National Anthem was played is another indication of his dissing of this country. Commander in Chief? Give me a break.

Barack is an empty suit with inborn and developed skills that camouflage what he really is. He would lead this country into socialism. What is Marxism? From those who have to those who have not. His proposed tax-the-rich plan is classic socialism.

John Sydney McCain sadly is the best the Republicans can nominate. But his patriotism, courage and resolve are without doubt.

I had said I wouldn’t vote for McCain for a number of reasons, especially for his bipartisan attempt to shove amnesty down our throats and his McCain-Feingold assault on our First Amendment rights.

In fact, his frequent assertions of his proven bipartisanship are a non starter with me. If I want actions in congress to reflect conservative values it won’t be found across the aisle.
Our biggest national problem following economic melt down and the war on terror is our open borders. Amnesty would be a complete break down of our cherished rule of law.
Neither candidate in the debate mentioned our open borders or amnesty. With that mammoth at center stage why isn’t it on the front burner?

It is because both candidates are pimping for the Hispanic vote. I don’t know what poll they are reading since a vast majority of Americans want the borders slammed shut and are dead set against any form of amnesty. Polls on this issue range from a low of 60 percent to a high of 80 percent.

And why doesn’t McCain promise immediate freedom for “Nacho” Ramos and Jose Compean when he is elected? A sure vote-getter while correcting the railroading of the two border agents.

No matter which candidate wins, the grassroots conservatives had better prepare for the battle of their lives to close the borders and send amnesty kicking and screaming to its grave.

It is too much to hope for but it would be incredible if McCain would name Newt Gingrich to a cabinet post and have him dust off the “Contract with America” and breathe new life into the long lost dream.

It would be bold and proper if McCain would attempt to eliminate the Department of Education and send funds back to states. Same for the U.S. Department of Commerce and countless other bureaucracies.

The reason he won’t is he is vote counting and those bureaucrats vote.

McCain is right on to plan for 40 new nuclear power plants, which are clean, safe and non-polluting. Obama’s concern about nuclear waste is a red herring.

The drill here and drill now plan is way overdue and needs more emphasis. McCain needs to stop bashing energy companies; after all their eight percent profits are anything but excessive and in a capitalistic system profits are good, for God’s sake.

McCain is right in taking credit for the surge in Iraq. It did work and Obama supporters should wonder why Obama is the choice of the Islamofascists. His promise to negotiate our way out of harm is simplistic and dangerous.

In these dangerous times putting a slick rookie in the White House would guarantee emboldening terrorists, Russia and opportunists everywhere.

And do we want to continue to accelerate the slippery slope to socialism?

Why isn’t McCain emphasizing Obama’s plans are plainly and clearly socialist? Nationalizing health care would guarantee rationing with the government deciding your welfare.

Let’s have some straight talk, John Sidney, and poke holes in Barack Hussein’s flimsy bubble.