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my view by don sorchych'MY VIEW'   |   BY DON SORCHYCH

Trump still a good guy

Even though the national election isn’t until November of next year there will be much news about it. The early acceptance of Donald Trump by many is a good sign. Somehow the low information voters need to be defeated by aggressive and truthful exposure of the current politics in Washington. Hope springs that the current 35 states which seek a Convention of States will be joined by three more states for the requisite 38 states needed.

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Guest Editorials:

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• Obama finalizes racist plan to redraw your neighborhood |  BY Robert ROMANO
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Letters to the Editor


New Federal rule would make it harder for job creators to create jobs

WASHINGTON, DC – While the nation prepared for the celebration of the nation's 239th birthday, President Obama proposed "a new way to stymie job creation and economic growth," Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

• IRS offers penalty relief regarding retirement plan returns
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